Let us tell you our story...

Tabletop Beard was founded by three brothers born of a desert valley in a fantastical world of dragons and sorcery. Fueled by their shared passion for riches and glory, the brothers embarked upon a quest to craft the perfect beard oil specifically formulated for adventurers who need to keep their beards looking and feeling their best during long and arduous campaigns.


After much trial and error, the brothers finally unlocked the secret formula that combined the finest of ingredients with subtle fragrances inspired by some of the bravest character classes of the modern world. The result was an epic blend of beard oil designed to give adventurers everywhere an extra spark of whiskery magic!


And thus, Tabletop Beard was created, and although the brothers’ journey may have started in the desert, it now reaches far beyond as they seek to aid all brave adventurers in looking and feeling their very best!

now, if you want the real story

Tabletop Beard really was founded by three brothers who were raised in a desert valley (in Eastern Washington). Each of the brothers brought their unique set of skills and abilities to forge a company that is dedicated to fostering an incredible community around high quality beard care products, while sharing their love of fantasy and fiction.


The youngest of the three brothers is the master artisan who created the high-quality beard oil blend that is the base of our beard care products. While working in the wine industry for well over a decade, he mastered his skills in sensory analysis and brings this expertise to each product that we sell.


We are also privileged to partner with some very talented people who help make this all possible:


Kevin James Breaux is Tabletop Beard’s resident Bard. He’s an award-winning fantasy author and artist. He claims to be Neutral Good in life, yet something slightly more sinister in games. www.kevinbreaux.com


Felipe Bracioli is the artistic genius behind the captivating character designs adorning the Tabletop Beard labels. Felipe works as a freelance illustrator and comic book artist and has published works in Brazil and France. https://www.instagram.com/braciolif/


Tabletop Beard is a growing brand, and there are some new and exciting things on the horizon. So if you want to keep up with the latest news and hear it before anyone else, scroll down and sign up for our newsletter! Also, please feel free to reach out to us if you have any questions.



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