Our Mission

At Tabletop Beard, we infuse the art of men’s grooming with the enchantment of fantasy and gaming.

Our mission is to transform the daily ritual of beard grooming into a fantastical experience, empowering men to showcase their beards with pride and distinction. We are steadfast in our commitment to using only the finest ingredients, while avoiding any cheap fillers or harmful substances.

Our products are crafted to nurture and enhance beards, ensuring each man feels like a hero in his own epic story. We believe that a well-groomed beard is not only a mark of sophistication but also an expression of one’s lifelong journey. 

With this in mind, we’re dedicated to providing a luxurious, safe, and magical grooming experience, inspiring men to embrace their inner warrior, wizard, or king.

What we Do

Tabletop Beard specializes in crafting premium beard care products, offering an extensive range of options to suit the diverse needs of our customers. Our product line includes beard oils, butters, and balm, formulated with only the best ingredients to ensure the highest level of care for your beard.

Innovation is at the heart of what we do at Tabletop Beard. We are continually experimenting and developing new products to expand our range, ensuring that we cater to the evolving needs and preferences of our customers.

This commitment to innovation means that our customers can always expect something fresh and exciting from us.

Our Core Values

We believe that the foundation of our success lies in our unwavering commitment to a set of core values. These principles guide every aspect of our business, from product development to customer interactions. We are dedicated to embodying these values in our daily operations, ensuring that we not only meet but exceed the expectations of our customers and community.

  • Integrity: Upholding honesty, transparency, and ethical practices in all aspects of the business.
  • Quality: Committing to excellence in every product and service offered, ensuring they meet the highest standards.
  • Customer Centricity: Prioritizing customer satisfaction and tailoring experiences to meet their needs and exceed expectations.
  • Respect: Upholding a culture of respect and courtesy by treating our customers and partners with the utmost consideration and professionalism.
  • Community Engagement: Committing to making a positive impact in the community, through outreach, service, or partnerships.

Our Story

Tabletop Beard originated in Eastern Washington in late 2022, the brainchild of the youngest of three brothers with a background in the wine industry and sensory analysis. His vision was to combine his passion for tabletop gaming with a commitment to high-quality beard care. Recognizing the potential of this concept, his older brothers joined forces to breathe life into this idea.

The oldest brother brought his experience in marketing and project management, providing strategic direction and brand development. Meanwhile, the middle brother, with extensive experience in operational and sales management from the propane industry, ensured the efficient running of the business.

Together, they worked tirelessly toward the launch of Tabletop Beard in May of 2023. Focused on producing premium beard care products without cheap fillers or harmful ingredients, the company sought to establish itself in the market. In its first year, Tabletop Beard achieved steady growth, successfully selling online and participating in various festivals and events to enhance brand visibility.

Today, Tabletop Beard continues to grow, committed to providing customers with top-notch beard care products while maintaining a strong professional ethos and emphasis on excellent customer service.

Tabletop Beard is privileged to work with some creative minds:

Kevin James Breaux is Tabletop Beard’s resident Bard. He’s an award-winning fantasy author and artist. He claims to be Neutral Good in life, yet something slightly more sinister in games. www.kevinbreaux.com

Felipe Bracioli is the artistic genius behind the captivating character designs adorning the Tabletop Beard labels. Felipe works as a freelance illustrator and comic book artist and has published works in Brazil and France. https://www.instagram.com/braciolif

Alex Breaux is the accomplished videographer and personality who puts together the entertaining promotional videos you see on our YouTube channel and on social media. https://www.youtube.com/@constructedchaos

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