You are currently viewing Come one, come all! Visit Tabletop Beard at Moonshot Brewing Ren Faire

Come one, come all! Visit Tabletop Beard at Moonshot Brewing Ren Faire

Ho there, friends!

Balbo here, just wanted to make sure you are not late to the festivities. What did you say? What festivities?

Ha, it is fortuitous that we met today. Let me fill you in with the details of the impending hastiludes, yes, games of combat and sport, for those not of this fantasy realm. You know, things such as jousting and sword fighting! Drinking ale and screaming, huzzah! 

Saturday, December 9th at 2pm PST there will be a Mini–Renaissance Faire at Moonshot Brewing. Have you been there before? They craft some of the finest brews in the PACNW. A quest there would not be a waste of time. Ha!

Moonshot Brewing can be found in the renowned town of Kennewick, in the wonderous state of Washington. To be precise, mark your electron maps with the following:

8804 W. Victoria Ave
Kennewick, WA 99336.

The event will feature a pop-up market filled with the finest merchants and vendors from this side of the kingdom. And good news, adventurer, the boys of Tabletop Beard will be there! Ho!

Moreso, I hear rumors of games being played by Tri-City Area Gaming and lots of delicious foods cooked by the chefs at Sausage Daddy!  Ha! Yes, there will be much merriment to be enjoyed, even local minstrels called Ye Merrie Greenwood Players will entertain from 5-7pm.

To maximize your experience gain, be sure to dress the part. Cosplaying is always rewarded with smiles, cheers, and a respectful nod from like-minded souls.

*Ahem* I prepared something for you all…

With much holiday glee,
old Balbo hopes you attend and enjoy a chance to pick up some gifts for friends and family.
craft beers, wines, and ciders abound,
you never know, new friends could be found.
stop by and say hi,
premium beard care products you will not regret to buy.
busy? We sincerely hope not.
come enjoy a fun day out, we promise you will enjoy the event a lot.

Thanks all!