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How to Use Beard Balm – A Wise Man’s Words

Welcome to Tabletop Beard!

We would like to pass on the words of a wise man, man who was sat right there, at that table, the other night. He told all within earshot to pass his knowledge on to those who wear a beard, large and small. Sit down, one of our barmaids will fetch you a warm bowl of stew and a celery stalk. Let us explain.

Why use Beard Balm

Beard balms are a helpful and affordable way to improve beard health while styling.

How Much Balm is Right for You?

It depends on your beard length.

For elves with short beards, you may only need a small scoop, just enough to coat your fingers.

For dwarves with long, full beards down to their waists, you may need to scoop enough to fill a shot glass halfway.

Start with small amounts and add more as needed. The Half-ling who wastes not, will want not, the wise man said.

When to Start?

We suggest that you apply some right after using our premium beard oils, if you have them, if not, then you may start fresh with a damp beard.

Clean your filthy hands first! Dirty hands are the archdevil’s playground!

How to Begin

Rub your hands together to warm the beard balm up. Apply it down into the base of your beard so that it reaches your skin, and you are awarded the full benefits of this magical product. Be gentle, adventurer, and carefully work it through your beard.

Your beard is your friend. There’s no reason to treat your beard as if it owes you money.

Style Time!

Comb and brush your beard. Style it to your heart’s desire. Have fun with it or keep it classy, the decision is yours, but trust that Tabletop Beard’s all-natural balms will hold it in place.

Once you are ready, go, battle gladiators in the arena, run with the minotaur through the dark labyrinths, or work out rigorously in the town gymnasium. Rest assured; you will look your best no matter what you are doing.

Enjoy the Benefits

Tabletop Beard balm can help with breakage, keeping your beard full. Balbo’s Beard balm is expertly crafted with ingredients that were chosen to help with dry and itchy skin too.

Evil beard dandruff be gone!