Choose Wisely, or Choose Many!

Get ready to embark on a heroic journey with a scented beard that fits your quest perfectly, no matter how brave or bold it may be! Here, you can pick your own valiant adventurer and their signature scent to accompany you.

Explore, create, and conquer with the Beard Oil of your dreams—the possibilities are endless!


Scent Profile: Blood Orange Citrus (Blood orange, Yuzu, Grapefruit, Bergamot)
Satiate your bloodlust!

A fierce warrior who knows no bounds, the Barbarian will lead the assault in your beard-care campaign with a powerful blood orange citrus aroma that will invigorate and energize. With the Barbarian, you’ll be ready to charge into battle, overcome any obstacle, and triumph with ease!


Scent Profile: Vanilla Coffee & Maple Glaze (Midnight Vanilla, Coffee, Maple Glaze)
Turn up your volume

Hear the Tales of The Bard brought to life with the soothing sound of a hurdy-gurdy, and allow yourself to be drawn into his unique stories of adventure and intrigue. As you are taken away on a journey through time and space, let your senses be enchanted by The Bard’s signature scent: Vanilla Coffee and Maple Glaze! Come one, come all, and experience the magical stories of The Bard.


Scent Profile: Mintberry & Eucalyptus (Peppermint, Huckleberry, Eucalyptus, Blueberry)
Rebuke the darkness

The Cleric stands as a beacon of light and inspiration in the darkness. He has a regal presence that is only amplified by his majestic beard oil, which gives off a pleasant mintberry & eucalyptus aroma. His eyes light up with a righteous fury as he casts powerful divinations that reveal hidden truths and guide his allies on their path to victory. From his golden armor to his glorious red beard, the Cleric is a force to be reckoned with on and off the battlefield.


Scent Profile: Smoked Oud & Steel (Smoked Oud, Oud, Gunpowder)
Battle ready!

Step aside! The Fighter is here! He strides forth with an air of confidence, and the scent of smoked oud & steel emanating from his beard. Fearsome and skillful, this is a man who knows no bounds when it comes to battling the odds. He will stand up for what’s right and never shy away from a challenge!

Game Master

Scent Profile: Unscented
Rule the realm

A master of strategy and full of deep wisdom, the Game Master is here to help guide you to the perfect beard-care solution. His unscented oil has a neutral aroma with a subtle sweet and natural nutty scent that leaves your mane feeling fresh and alive without overpowering the senses.


Scent Profile: Barbershop & Amber (Barbershop, Amber)
Shine with radiant light

The Paladin is a knight of legend, renowned for his courage and strength. He is known to many as the protector of the innocent, a beacon of hope in times of despair. But few know what lay beneath his stoic resolve―an impeccably styled beard that shines with an alluring barbershop & amber-scented beard oil. His chivalry and nobility are second to none, and he inspires those around him to follow suit.


Scent Profile: Forest, Fresh Rain & Leather (Green Forest, Damp Earth, Fresh rain, Leather)
Solitary protector

The Ranger – a master of the bow and arrow, with a wild spirit that cannot be contained! His beard oil is steeped with the natural aromas of the forest, giving him an earthy edge. Ready for adventure and always on the hunt for new challenges, The Ranger is here to bravely explore the unknown!


Scent Profile: Evening Cologne (Cologne, Hint of Bourbon)
Stealth and style

Deep in the shadows lurks The Rogue, his evening cologne-scented beard oil hints at a dangerous and mysterious past. He moves with silent grace and wary eyes, scanning the area for any sign of trouble. The Rogue is ever vigilant and prepared to defend himself at all times – with more than a few tricks up his sleeve!


Scent Profile: Chocolate, Cherry & a Touch of Dark Magic
Sign the Pact

Cloaked in shadows and shrouded in secrecy, Warlock possesses a beard oil of unparalleled power, its scent a bewitching alchemy of chocolate, cherry, and a hint of dark magic. A mere whiff of this elixir leads wanderers astray, their senses ensnared by the intoxicating fragrance that lingers in the air, evoking a heady fusion of temptations from forbidden realms.


Scent Profile: Tobacco & Spices(Cuban Tobacco, Clove, Cinnamon)
Feel the magic

The Wizard is a mysterious figure who rarely speaks, but his wisdom seems to reach far and wide. His long beard carries the shine of his trusty tobacco & spices scented beard butter. And his eyes show signs of knowledge and power that have seen more than just this world; they tell stories of distant lands and forgotten magics.