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The Cleric Class – Here to Help the Helpless

Blessings to you, friend! Welcome in, but please, keep your voice down. The clerics are preparing a spell.

Oh, you didn’t know? Today, we are honoring all the clerics who keep the realm free from the undead and nasty lingering diseases. So, please take a seat here, we’ll bring you something to drink, but do old Balbo a favor and wait for the clerics to finish their spells before you raise a mug to toast them.

Clerics are one of our favorite classes to host parties for here in the inn. Why? Well, since they are generally Neutral Good or Lawful Good, you can always count on them to pay their bar tabs! Ha!

But seriously, they have been around since the beginning—dependable fighters and reliable healers one and all. I can’t count the number of times clerics have healed patrons that have…overindulged here at The Dragon’s Beard. 

Cleric Weapons and Armor

Clerics are good combatants, but don’t yearn to shed blood like fighters or barbarians, so they use simple blunt weapons or maybe a crossbow. If there is a mace laying around, give it to them, they will appreciate it and may offer you a helpful blessing in return.

Clerics are at their best when wearing medium armor like leather or scale mail and carrying an ornate shield with a symbol depicting their deity. Some might say they look formidable and honorable at the same time.

Cleric Races

Rules may vary, but you will often see Dwarves, Elves (half-elves) and Humans, along with some of the rarer races which are added in expansion books. This is often the same in MMORPGs. That all being said, if you do a Google search, you will most likely find stunning fantasy art where Humans and Dwarves are illustrated as clerics.

Cleric Backgrounds

Common backgrounds include Acolyte, Faction Agent, Hermit, Far Traveler and Guild Artisan. These backgrounds will improve the skills of your cleric, and some will even elevate their healing.

Since religion will play a large part in your cleric’s life, being an Acolyte makes the most sense and one of the most helpful bonuses is the addition of two more known languages.  We suggest it for people who want to have fun with their roleplaying.

What Makes a Good Cleric?

Someone who wants to wade chest-deep into the dead (and undead) filled cemeteries and crypts and come out with their party and the treasure intact. The cleric is the team’s main healer and just as important as their main tank.

While the fighter or barbarian draws the enemy’s attention and holds them off so the rest of the team can deal damage, the cleric is there making sure the damage that individual is taking is not overwhelming and keeps them from succumbing to their wounds.

It’s a big responsibility, but the cleric loves it. And if you love healing your teammates, you will too.

We Thank the Clerics Who Keep Us Healed with a Beard Oil that Matches Their Divinity.

Wait, have they finished their spells? Ummm…yes, it appears they have. Okay, good. Let’s do this. Let’s raise a toast to Clerics! They are the light in the darkness. They give us hope when we are feeling hopeless. If you feel like service is its own reward, the cleric class might be perfect for you.

Tabletop Beard wants to celebrate these beacons of goodness with a scent that echoes their versatility. Therefore, they have respected their regal presence with a majestic beard oil that smells of a wonderful blend of classic mintberry and eucalyptus.

It’s true; when you look good, you heal good, and play well.