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A Song of Beard Care and Oils

Greetings, weary travelers! Welcome to The Dragon’s Beard. My name is Balbo Garibaldi. Have a seat. One of our fine serving maidens will pour you an ale. Relax and know you have found a safe spot. A place filled with delight and knowledge.

Our bard, legendary throughout the region, is about to sing one of his most famous songs. A song of beard care and oils. Inside this tune, you will learn much about the basics of beard care. Behold below.

Beard Care Basics: Healthy You – Healthy Beard!

Your beard is part of you. Thus, it requires the same things you do. Get good rest. Eat well. Exercise. Avoids the demons of unhealthy activities like smoking and overdrinking (one ale here and there will not hurt it). A balanced diet and additional vitamins through supplements are always a good thing too.

As your beard begins to grow in, one thing you may notice is ingrown hairs. Nasty little buggers they are, but they can be thwarted easily. Keeping your face clean and your pores clear is key. To do this, my new friends, you must learn how to properly exfoliate. Not incinerate or immolate, those are wizard’s spells!

Cleanse Your Beard!

Exfoliation is the ancient art of removing dead skin cells from the surface of your skin. To do this, you may use a chemical substance, granular substances, or an exfoliation tool. We suggest starting with cleanser pads that have a “scratchy” side and a simple cream that has some sort of abrasive material inside, like a sugar scrub.

Be sure to always use clean towels and a moisturizer afterward (as your new beard grows in, you will need one with an SPF, after the beard has fully donned your face, one without an SPF will suffice).

Now that the beard has grown, you must remember to clean it properly. Here is a riddle for you. Will your beard, upon your face, face all the obstacles and challenges you face? The answer is a resounding yes! Whether it be wrestling with an unruly meatball sandwich or mowing the grass in the treacherous backyard of doom…pollutants will naturally stick to your beard.

Thus, a beard as fine as the one you have grown, will need to be cleaned daily or beard trolls may grow inside it. No one likes beard trolls; they smell bad and have terrible table manners. Cleaning a beard can be as easy as massaging and rinsing your beard with shampoo as you bathe. If you have issues with dry skin or even beard dandruff, fear not, a solution awaits you. 

Moisturize and Groom!

Beard oils can help with dry skin underneath, keeping your face healthy and free of acne and irritation. It will also soften and condition your beard making the hairs shimmer and shine on and off the battlefield. Lastly, beard oils can also help attract a suitor with fragrances that are both manly and aromatic.

(Be sure to start with one of our luxurious beard oil blends!)

Grooming your beard is essential and fun. Moisturize it with exciting beard oils. Brush and/or comb it to keep it free of evil knots and tangles. Do not forget to trim and shape it to your heart’s desire. It’s your beard, and you control its fate.

While this quest sounds like lots of work, think of the reward, my friends. The treasure you seek is a full and glorious beard that will be the talk of every town you enter. And hopefully become the subject of our bard’s next song!