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From an Ancient Tome – Why Should You Use Beard Oil?

Greetings, new friends! Welcome to Tabletop Beard. Have you come to see the exciting treasure unearthed from the ruins nearby?

Here it is, an ancient tome. Our most educated town scholars have deciphered the first part, would you like to hear what ageless knowledge was inside? I am sure you do. Sit, and raise a mug with friends while we tell you what we have learned from this dusty old tome.

Beard oils, magical potions for your beard!

Beard oils are those fun little potions we see on the shelves of apothecaries and on tables sold by wild-eyed merchants at bazaars. Embellished with the fine scents of coffee, fruits, peppermint, eucalyptus, fresh rain and more, these quality oils are beard care products that are helpful in maintaining the health of your facial hair.  Why should you use beard oils? Here are just a few good benefits.

Conditioning your Beard and Skin so Everything is Healthy.

Beard oil is a leave-in conditioner for your beard and should be all-naturally produced. Designed as such, it does not contain the harmful or drying ingredients that normal soaps, shampoos and conditioners do. Those products strip your beard and the skin underneath of its own natural oils. Beard oils replenish what other chaotic products reduce.

No one wants to look like a wretched orc, its beard untamed and scraggly. Beard oils will prevent you from looking like the monster the town leaders have hired a party of fearless adventures to hunt and slay.

Beard oils will help you escape that fate by softening your beard and making it feel silky and smooth. Want a fuller beard? Beard oil can do that too. The benefits do not stop with your hair, the best part is that beard oil will reach down into your skin and help moisturize it too.

Dry skin is an issue for many adventures. Arid conditions, extreme temperatures, sun damage, harsh soaps and more can dry up your skin and make it flakey or itchy. When flakes appear in your beard it is highly possible you have beard dandruff, a common, yet avoidable, condition. Beard oil will moisturize your skin and keep it healthy. Aragan oil, a main component of beard oil, is a proven solution for beard dandruff.

Another component of beard oil is Jojoba Oil, which is full of vitamin E. Not only does vitamin E help reduce aging, but it also helps combat vile acne!

Will it Help your Beard Grow?

While not a scientifically proven fact, many users have found that beard oil has stimulated beard growth.

Think of it like this. Beard oil is helping remove many of the obstacles that will make your beard unhealthy, so by improving its health and adding a better diet, an increase in water consumption and a little more regular exercise, you are creating the perfect environment for improved growth. By taming the beard and making it look fuller it will also appear that has grown more.

Bonus: Beard oils with Jojoba oil help prevent hair loss. 

Attract better Suitors!

Spectare bonum est sentire bonum. Sentire bonum est quaerere bonum.”

This one inscription inside the ancient tome took our scholars a while to decrypt. But they believe it says this, “To look good is to feel good. To feel good is to look good.”

An ancient riddle, perhaps? Or is it just a reminder about grooming?

Proper beard maintenance and grooming will always make you and your beard look like your best level. And when your beard smells as good as it looks, thanks to our beard oils, there is no telling how the barmaids, fellow adventurers, princes, or princesses will react.

In the End

Be sure to pack some beard oil along with your health and mana potions. Use these beard oils frequently to avoid having to make savings throws against dry itchy skin! 😊