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How to Use Beard Oil – A Map to a Healthy Beard

Greetings, treasure seekers! Welcome to Tabletop Beard! What’s that parchment in your hands? Is that a map? Does it lead to a legendary treasure? It points to beard oils, you say. Well, yes, we stock them here! Now that you have found our all-natural beard oils, let us guide you in the direction of their proper use.

How to use Beard Oil

Beard oils are essential in beard care and guess what, they are easy to use and affordable.

How Much Oil is Right for you?

First, you must determine how much you need to use. Don’t be a greedy gnome, you don’t want to waste your precious beard oil. For beards that are just starting to grow, you may only need 3-4 drops. For a medium length beard 4-6 drops and for beards that are larger or fuller, you may use more.  

For example, if your beard is the length of the legendary bards of ZZ Top, you may need to use 8 or more drops.  

When to Start?

We suggest starting with a damp beard. So, right out of a hot shower works best. If not, after a good splash of warm water to the face.

Oh, a quick note to our fighter, rogue, and barbarian friends…do make sure your hands are clean. Wipe the blood and guts of combat off them first!

How to Start

Dispense the oils into your palms and rub your hands together for a moment in a motion that looks like you are about to reveal an evil plan. This will help to warm the beard oil up. Then apply the oil from your hands down through your beard to the skin below. Give it a good massage, work it in. Do not be afraid to be vigorous. Cover the entire thing from bow to stern (or top to bottom). Don’t forget your mustache, it is part of your beard. 

Comb and Style

The gentle glide of a comb through the beard will help evenly distribute the oil. It will also help you determine if you need more. Is your beard still dry? Go ahead and add a few more drops. Once it is fully moisturized, you can begin the exciting grooming stage and style it to your heart’s delight.

Enjoy the Benefits

You will notice the difference soon after the first couple uses. Your beard should feel softer and smoother. It should be easier to tame and smell clean and fresh. Were you itchy before? Our premium beard oil will help remove that pesky itch and prevent beard dandruff.

We wager that’s a good +1 to your Charisma.

Quick Beard Tips from Balbo Garibaldi

  • Apply beard oil daily.
  • Have fun with different scents.
  • Always use your hands, don’t pour the oil directly on your beard.
  • Prepare yourself to get more attention.
  • Enjoy the process. Grooming and styling can be fun!