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Holiday Beard Care Gifts with Tabletop Beard

Why are beard care products the perfect gifts for men during the holiday season? Let old Balbo answer that for you. But first, let me hang this last mistletoe. I’ve hung twenty-five total in my tavern. Ha!

Beard Oils as Gifts

Your man and his skin will thank you!

  1. They are affordable and small enough to fit in a stocking. Admit it, finding stocking stuffers for the men in your life is one of the hardest quests of the season. But that mission could be over in just a few clicks!
  2. Beard Oils help keep a man’s beard looking and smelling it’s best. And face it, with all the stress of the holidays, guys sometimes start to look a little haggard. Oh, and with all the food passing by and sometimes landing in their beards while they eat and eat and eat everything in sight from crackers, cheese, and summer sausage to ham and green beans, and pumpkin pie…oh, that facial hair could use some extra care and a refreshing new scent like Druid.
  3. Beard Oils prevent beard dandruff. Hell yeah, everyone wants a white Christmas, but these are not the flakes we want to see falling!

Beard Butters as Gifts

Not only for use on the night before Christmas!

  1. While they can fit in a stocking, they may be a little big or heavy. So, wrap that beard butter up and place a nice bow on it. It will be viewed as a thoughtful gift and can be used in a white elephant gift giving scenario.
  2. Beard Butters help hold and volumize. Therefore, you are giving him the gift of a better and fuller looking beard.
  3. Beard Butter comes in all sorts of exciting scents. Show him how much you care by doing a little research first. You could surprise him with a gift that matches his favorite class. Is he a Fighter in real life, defending the family. Or is he a Ranger, out there hunting and bringing home food. Maybe he is a Bard, singing and joking—entertaining the whole family. Take your pick here, there are lots of fun choices.

Beard Balm as a gift

Santa needs that extra hold

  1. Ho! Ho! Ho! He knows when you are bad and good, so, he probably has been too busy to properly care for his beard all year. If his beard is long and full like Santa’s, he needs some good all-natural beard balm. Beard Balm provides the hold needed for veteran beards.
  2. The oils in Tabletop Beard’s Balbo Beard Balm will help promote healthy hair and beard growth. This balm is unscented. But that’s okay, you can use it with a scented beard oil.  
  3. Beard Balm has an epic hold, which is something men with big beards need, especially during winter weather with high winds. If you want to help him look his best at work after walking uphill in the blistery weather to ask for a New Year’s raise from his Scrooge-like boss, this premium beard care product is what he needs!

How can Tabletop Beard help? With our Holiday Sale!

This holiday season, we are having a special discount super sale! Hold on to your wizard’s cap adventurers! Through Christmas, you can enjoy a 20% discount on all of our beard care products.

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