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How to Use Beard Butter – From One Bearded Man to Another

Welcome back to Tabletop Beard! We hope you have enjoyed all the beard care wisdom we have shared here. Today, we hope to talk beard-wearer to beard-wearer. Sit down, grab a brew. Let’s chat.

What is Tabletop Beard’s beard butter? It is an all-natural beard butter created by the three brothers from the desert. It is used to help condition and style your beard.

How do you use it? It is very simple; we wager a drunken dwarf could figure it out after a three-night bender!

  • Step 1: Wash your face. Aye, we mean more than just splashing warm water on it. Use a cleanser. Pick one that is easy on your skin. Once clean, gently pat yourself dry. Ahhh…. Do you feel refreshed?
  • Step 2: Apply your favorite beard oil.
  • Step 3: Dive into your beard butter jar, one finger or two. We’ll leave that decision up to you. Once you have enough beard butter in your hands spread it across your palms evenly until it melts.
  • Step 4: Start working the beard butter into your beard. Begin at the top and rub the product in until you reach the bottom. Take care not to rub it into the skin lest you fall prey to clogged pores and acne.
  • Step 5: Comb or brush your beard. Your grooming tools are your choice, but Tabletop Beard has some advice on which to use here: Essential Beard Care Tools. 😊
  • Step 6: Style! Yes. It’s our favorite step too. Go for it! Design your look according to your (or perhaps your love’s) taste. Looking good is feeling good!
  • Last Step: As stressed by the Clerics and Paladins we meet. Clean up after yourself. Wash your hands and grooming tools. No one wants to share a bathroom with a sloppy troll.

There you go. Another smart and successful grooming experience. Now, look at the premium beard butters you can choose from here at Tabletop Beard. Then, go forth and adventure!