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Why You Should Use Beard Butter

Greetings, new friends! Welcome to The Dragon’s Beard! My name is Balbo Garibaldi.

Do you see that barbarian? The one sitting in the corner, you can’t miss him, he’s nearly as tall as a tree. See his beard?

When he first stepped foot in my tavern, he looked like he had been struck by a magician’s lightning. His long beard was rough and dry. It looked like a bramble bush on his face. Ha! I swear I saw a bird nesting in it!

What? It looks better now, doesn’t it? Well, that is because he uses Tabletop Beard’s beard butter.

Why Use Beard Butter?

There are many good reasons to use beard butter, just ask our barbarian friend. Ha ha. Sit, and let me tell you the main reasons why.

  • Beard butter will condition your beard, hydrating it and making it softer.
  • The power! Ha! Yes, it strengthens your beard from the roots to the tips.
  • It will hydrate your skin and help combat beard dandruff.
  • The smell! Beard butter smells good, and with it, so will you!

Conditioning your beard allows it to become softer and more manageable. This helps you style it and keep it looking nice and clean. You do not want things growing in your beard, do you? I think I saw some blackthorn berries fall out of the barbarian’s beard before he cleaned it.

The natural oils in our beard butter help to strengthen your beard and will keep it from breaking. Less breakage means less flyaway hairs and better control when styling. You will no longer look like you are wearing a scared cat on your face.

Hydrate! Hydrate! Hydrate! Old Balbo’s business is to provide drinks to the thirsty. Well, beard butter provides moisture to your dry skin, thus relieving dry itch and the creation of beard dandruff. The only time we want to see snowfall is during the winter holidays.

What is that smell? Is that you? Ha! Now, you can answer YES! And feel confident that the smell people are commenting on is a good one and not that of manure and pipe smoke.

Keep reading, friends. For I also explain how to use beard butter.