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From the Alchemist’s Workshop – Golden Jojoba Oil

Greetings, future alchemists! Welcome back to The Dragon’s Beard!

Balbo is overjoyed to see you have returned to your education, friends. Our studies into demon—ahem—dermatology were fun, right?

Yes, you remember, the sorcerers who train in the ancient art of skin.

No, no, no. Not making things out of skin, those would be skinners and leatherworkers. I mean those who seek to learn methods to heal people who have conditions that affect their skin, hair, and nails.

Yes, now you remember. Ha!

It’s okay, old Balbo gets confused sometimes too. Or has had one too many! Skål!!!

What is Golden Jojoba Oil?

Jojoba oil, or golden jojoba oil, is a liquid generated from the Simmondsia chinensis plant’s seeds. The Simmondsia chinensis is a shrub that is native to southern America, specifically Arizona, the northwestern region of Mexico, and southern parts of California.

What makes the liquid produced from these seeds so special?

The seed itself is made up of about 50% oil. So, one seed yields a lot and has an amazing long shelf life. Not to mention, the oil has a great resistance to heat. When cold pressed, the oil will remain in its natural golden color and have an enjoyable nutty scent.

Golden jojoba oils are a great natural source of many valuable vitamins too!

What are the Benefits of Golden Jojoba Oil?

Like Meadowfoam seed oil, it has many! When seeking to make all-natural products, cosmetic companies have turned to jojoba oil after the ban on importing sperm whale oil in the USA. And guess what? Golden jojoba oil outperforms whale oil in numerous ways.

What products will you find it in? Lotions, moisturizers, shampoos, conditioners, and more.

Regarding beard care products, well friend, it’s simple, ha! Only the best beard oils, beard balms, and beard butters contain golden jojoba oil.

When using beard care products with jojoba oil, you will see a reduction of beard dandruff (if you are unfortunately plagued by the stuff) and much less itchiness.

Better to swing your sword during combat than scratch your beard, right, my fighter friends?

Golden jojoba oil will help with breakage and the prevention of split ends. But, best of all, golden jojoba oil provides almost magical moisturizing conditions thanks to all the fatty acids and natural vitamins inside the oil. 

Reward yourself, adventurer, with the benefits of vitamins A, D, and E every morning before your journey out into the wilderness and every night before sweet slumber.

The Evidence is in the Oil

Some things found in nature are so beneficial for you it’s simply hard to quantify. Golden jojoba oil is one of those good things; a near-miraculous element with antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties.

While some adventurers seek the Fountain of Youth or the Holy Grail, you have found something equally as astounding here at Tabletop Beard in the age-defying properties of golden jojoba oil.

There are many proven benefits for people with skin and hair conditions. Not only does golden jojoba oil reduce the occurrence of acne and help remove blackheads, but studies also show that it may help with Eczema and dandruff.

You say Tabletop Beard can Supply me with this Magical Elixir?

Of course! Golden jojoba oil is a prime ingredient in all their products. The brothers have worked hard to create top-notch beard oils, beard butter, and beard balm made of only the best all-natural ingredients.

Rest assured these beard care essentials are safe to use. In fact, a funny story, I heard a rumor about a cave troll who attacked one of their supply wagons and stole some of their jojoba oils.

Would you believe that cave troll ate the stuff! Yuck! I’d hate to be that troll’s partner. I bet that oil came out the same way it went in! Gah! Old Balbo is grossing himself out! Ha!

Oh, I need to clear my mind of that image! You too? Well, here, look at the fine selection of beard care products Tabletop Beard has to offer. Choose your character and enjoy!