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Unlocking Style and Confidence: The Power of a Well-Groomed Beard

Tabletop Beard here to share with you the importance of a well-groomed beard. The reasons are better than you might have thought.

Redesign your Face

A well-cared-for beard, one that has been groomed and styled right, can reshape your entire face.

That’s right, you can totally change your look! You can define a weak jawline, you can make your face look fuller, you can even cover acne scars.

Is your goal to draw attention to your best features? Perhaps your crush has told you that you have good cheekbones; great news, a well-shaped beard can highlight those. It can also create contrast and bring color to your skin tone.

You have been looking pale lately, friend, you weren’t bitten by a vampire, were you? No? Good. Well then, now you know you have more options than ever when you properly grow and groom a beard.

Before spending your gold on expensive filler or Botox, even mystical plastic surgery, try growing a beard. You may just be surprised by how it naturally transforms you.

Healthy Beard – Healthy You

Looking good is feeling good—this remains the truth, but there are other important elements to consider. Did you know that the process of looking good can make you feel mentally and physically good?

It’s a known fact that when a cat licks itself, endorphins are released into its system. It helps them to feel better. For the non-feline species, like us, there are things called Combing Therapy and Gua Sha.

What is Combing Therapy, you ask? Well, it’s an ancient part of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), that was created thousands of years ago. It helps your body promote self-healing by running a comb gently across your scalp. 

Gua Sha uses a smooth-edged tool to scrape your skin with short or long strokes to stimulate circulation and increase blood flow. The act of moving the tool downward is thought to unblock stagnate energy, or chi, therefore lowering inflammation.

Basically, your body is covered with acupressure points and there are dozens of points of energy on your head, face, and neck. So, combing your beard can prevent ingrown hairs, increase blood flow, and even help stimulate the natural oils in your hair follicles.

Having a well-groomed beard means it (and you) will be free of dirt, pollutants, food crumbs, dandruff, and whatever else you and your face may encounter during the day.

Sometimes, even the best rogues and rangers will get spiderwebs stuck in their beards. A good wash, beard oil application, combing, and styling will clear away those cobwebs and other obstacles that are keeping you from reaching your daily goals.

Transform your Love Life from Common to Rare to even Epic!

Did you know your beard can be your best wingman? Facts.

When properly cared for, a well-groomed beard can elevate your appearance from level 20 to level 40! Just think of all the new skills and perk points you will get! And all you needed to do was spend a few minutes a day washing your face and beard.

Take an extra moment to apply beard oils to hydrate your skin and whiskers, and then brush and style them. Admit it, you’ve spent longer amounts of time farming ingredients for potions or reagents for that magical pair of leather pants you haven’t worn in months.

Think of the time it takes to journey to your favorite coffee shop to order a tasty latte from the beautiful baristas. Well, adventure-seeker, spending half that time grooming could possibly increase your chances of getting a date by 2x. (Granted, we must check with your GM to see what you would need to roll, but we guarantee a well-groomed beard will increase your charisma.)

Basically, when your beard is clean and styled your chances of attracting new romantic partners, or even better jobs, may increase. Along with that, you can prevent acne, dandruff, itch, and discoloration with a good well-groomed beard.

To Comb or Not to Comb? The Conclusion

There are 1440 minutes in a day. All we ask is that you give your beard 10 of them; it may just give you years of enjoyment in return. Take your time, breathe deep, relax, and enjoy grooming. It’s very beneficial!

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