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From the Alchemist’s Workshop – Sunflower Oil

Ho there, friend!

Would you care for a carrot? I have a box full of fresh carrots from the garden behind the inn. No, friend, today is not a workshop on carrots or carrot seed oil. Tonight’s focus will be on the amazing all-natural benefits of sunflower oil. I pulled these carrots for umm…friends.

Anyway, I am glad you are here to attend today’s alchemist’s workshop. As I said, today we will be discussing sunflower oil. You know what a sunflower is, right? One of those giant flowers with head like a…well…like the sun! Ha!

Oh? You were here for the avocado oil workshop. Yes, Kristoff made amazing appetizers that day. No, he did not make ones for today’s workshop.

“Actually, Bablo, he did. Evelyn to the rescue!” She shouted as she approached. “I had Kristoff make some sunflower seed butter to go on this freshly baked bread.”

Good thinking, Evelyn!

“You know me,” Evelyn said with a wink. “I’m always thinking about how to make the bar more exciting.”

Yes, well, it is certainly never a dull moment with you here. Right, friend? Hmmm? What are you looking at? Evelyn or the appetizers? No, don’t answer.

“You don’t want our fiend here to say which he thinks is more—”

No, I do not, Evelyn. Now, back to work while I tell everyone here what makes sunflower oil so wonderful.

What is a Sunflower and What is Sunflower oil?

You have seen them; they grow tall and large, usually around ten feet tall. They look like a large glowing sun and can have a flower head the size of a dinner plate. They are magnificent and guess what, you may not know this, but sunflowers are characterized as a crop. Yes, they are typically grown for their edible seeds. That said, some sunflowers are grown to produce oils, others for seeds to use as bird food. But there are other uses too.

Sunflower oil is pressed from sunflower seeds and is most commonly used as a cooking oil. But hold on to your horse, friend, sunflower oil is also used in cosmetics acting as an outstanding moisturizer with its copious quantities of the magically positive vitamin E.

Three cheers for vitamin E!

Fun facts

  • This natural oil is basically flavorless.
  • It is triglyceride.
  • The largest amount of sunflower oil is created in Ukraine.

What are the Benefits of Sunflower Oil?

When consuming sunflower oil, its main benefit comes from its low levels of saturated fats and elevated levels of one something we like: polyunsaturated fatty acids. Sweet, sweet omega-3s and omega 6s! Ha! Love them!  Sunflower oil also has monounsaturated fatty acids which can help reduce heart disease.

For cosmetics, sunflower oil provides excellent moisturization. In fact, it can help repair the skin. It also will not clog pores, which is an excellent factor to anything you put on your skin or hair. In fact, sunflower oil will actually help unclog those nasty pores, friend. The application of the oil will flush the dead skin cells. Remember what the bard said, “Mo clogging. Mo Problems.”

Let’s break down the benefits of sunflower oil, brave beard-growing adventurer!

  • Moisturizes. Moisturizes. Moisturizes.
  • Protects with a natural barrier – it is like armor but less bulky!
  • Unclogs pores.
  • It is gentle and soothes your skin.
  • Bonus antioxidants to raise your savings throws against aging!
  • Rich in vitamins like E, A, D, and K.
  • Goblins hate the smell of it. (OK, that one is a rumor, old Balbo started! Ha!)

Tabletop Beard has you covered! We got you!

Tabletop Beard uses sunflower oil in our premium beard care products and if you have been following our blog, you know that all our ingredients are natural and safe. In fact, we load each product with the best ingredients, so our beard oils, balms, and butters reward our beard care adventurers with the best benefits. Yes, our lists of ingredients give your skin and hair multiple layers of protection and advantages. Think of it as doubling down, but more like quadrupling down on protection, and winning the battle!

Try our new Druid-themed beard butter and beard oil. Druid captures the essence of ancient forests and wild, untamed berries. Just remember, friend, wash your face and beard well. That is always the first step in beard care to healthy skin and hair.

Trivia time!

What is the tallest recorded sunflower? Take a guess or Google it. You may be surprised!