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The Ranger Class – Hunting the Hunters

Welcome to the feast! Did your nose lead you here? Ha ha! Ho, friend!

You picked the right time to return from your journey. Yes, the town smells delicious tonight! Blanketed in several layers of well-cooked meals. Ho, there be many a deer roasted in this small town tonight! You can even find a few boars on the spits on the west side. And of course, at my fine establishment, The Dragon’s Beard, we have prepared copious amounts of rabbit stew.

Am I afraid that the darker denizens of the forest might follow the scent of fresh meat into town? No. No. No, my friend. Not this night. Not the night that we honor the region’s best, rangers. A worse mistake could not be made. Ha! Yes. Whatever owlbear, troll, orc, or wyvern decided to step from the shadows of the trees tonight would find itself a meal for tomorrow’s festivities! Ha ha ha!

Sorry, old Balbo is extra joyous this evening, and I do love me some venison sausage. Especially the way Lady Melisandre prepares it. Truly yummy. Just the thought of her bent over, squeezing the meat and then… Oh, sorry, where was I?

Yes, with the coming of autumn, we here like to honor the rangers who not only hunt for us, but scout and guide us through the wilds. What would we do without them? Certainly not fill our bells until they burst!

Ranger Weapons and Armor

It goes without saying that most rangers are armed with a hunter’s bow. But that is not all they can or will carry. Rangers are versatile fighters and prepared for almost anything they encounter in the wilderness.

So, a ranger can also arm themselves with short swords, daggers, whips, hand axes, nets and more. 

Armor-wise, they prepare to dress lightly to help improve their stealth. No ranger wants to try and sneak up on its prey wear clunky noisy chainmail or plate. No, they prefer leather and studded armor. Occasionally, you may find a ranger wearing a fancier scale mail for increased protection.


Elves make great rangers, especially Wood Elves. But rangers are not limited to just Elf races.

Half-Elf, Half-Orc, Halflings, even Humans can be good picks for rangers. It all depends how you want to play your ranger.

Do you want to focus on traits that need more dexterity or more wisdom? Maybe you want extra constitution for added hit points.  Want a super sneaky ranger? Go Elf. Want a durable ranger who can fight up front and survive? Go Half-Orc.

Ranger Archetypes and Favored Enemies

Rangers have some details that other classes do not. Like the favored enemies.

Granted, we all know how much a paladin likes to face off against the undead, rangers take it a step further. Favored enemies can be anything from beasts, dragons, fey, fiends, giants, and even oozes! Beware of those Metal Slime, adventurer! They can be tough!

Popular ranger archetypes such as Beastmaster and Drakewarden give the ranger a powerful companion. Archetypes like Gloom Stalker and Horizon Walker give the ranger special powers like seeing in the dark or limited teleportation. Monster Slayer and Hunter archetypes are the typical ones you would imagine a ranger to have and focus on hunting and fighting. Fey Wandered and Swarm Keeper give the ranger some fey spirit powers that can be helpful in and out of battle.

Lots to choose from, right friend?

What Makes a Good Ranger?

They are skilled archers, deadly hunters, and independent adventurers. They enjoy scouting ahead and feeding their team with the meat from the beasts they pursue and kill. They are aware of their primal surroundings and are versatile fighters from near and far. They can even help fill the space of a rogue if one is missing from the party. Seems like a perfect class to have in your group, huh?

If we were to name two famous rangers, we would have to say Aragorn and Hank. Do you recognize those names? Aragorn is from J. R. R. Tolkien’s Middle-Earth books and Hank, oh…Hank is from the highly popular Dungeons and Dragons cartoon. In fact, it’s said that D&D based their ranger class off Aragorn. So, in some ways that makes Aragorn and Hank related…sorta.

We honor Rangers for their Hunting, Bushcraft, and Woodcraft skills.

We would literally be lost without them! Tabletop Beard has found an additional way to honor our helpful ranger friends with a beard oil and beard butter that is scented in ways to keep them hidden in the forests they love so much.

To mask their scent, our ranger-themed beard care products smell of the Forest, Fresh Rain & Leather (Green Forest, Damp Earth, Fresh rain, Leather). So, be as carefree and independent as you were born to be. And know that all rangers, like yourself, will approve of our all-natural products.

Are you ready for your next hunt? If so, take a bottle of ranger beard oil with you. It may attract the target of your desires.