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Interviews with the Three Brothers: Part Two

Rise of the Beards

Hello there, it’s your old friend Balbo Garibaldi with a special treat for those interested in the history of Tabletop Beard. Recently, the three brothers from the deepest desert made a stop in my inn, The Dragon’s Beard, on their way to an event in a neighboring realm.

During their stay, I had a moment to sit and share a drink with each of them. In fact, I spent three nights waiting for one of the brothers. Each night, I expected him to show up just prior to the performance of a new troupe of wandering minstrels.

As I sat and waited for the brother, the troubadours would begin their songs. It was on that third night, that one of the minstrels surprised me. He finished his performance for the night, walked over, ordered a glass of water from my barmaid, and sat down in front of me with a devilish grin. After he took a deep swig, he announced himself. Ha! It was the brother I had been waiting for all along! Well-played!

Today, I would like to introduce you to the oldest brother, Jason, a youthful-looking man with a finely trimmed beard and a gleaming smile.

Balbo: Hello there, Jason. It’s good to finally meet you.

Jason: Thanks, Balbo.  And sorry to keep you waiting, I saw the band and had to join right in. You know, for old times’ sake. I haven’t picked up a lute in years! I missed playing.

Balbo: No problem, my new friend. Your performance made the wait worth it.

Jason: Thank you!

Balbo: So, besides lute playing, what role do you play at Tabletop Beard?

Jason: I manage the marketing aspects of the business, including website design, product photography, email, etc..

Balbo: Tell me, Jason, when Tabletop Beard was forming, what was your best idea, and did it come to fruition?

Jason: I would say my best idea was to agree to do this with my brothers! My second-best idea was probably getting the email newsletter started from the onset rather than putting it off.

Balbo: Well, you’ve clearly made some smart decisions there. *wink* Ahem, well, ha! Having watched you sing and play the lute for three nights straight, I would expect you to stink like the goblins who dwell in the marshlands west of here. But Balbo knows a favorable scent when he smells one. Is that tobacco and spices, I smell?

Jason: Lol. Well, my favorite scent changes on a week-by-week basis, but I would have to say that right now my favorite scent is Wizard. So, yes, Balbo, your nose is right on target.

Balbo: Thank you. Wizard is one of my top favorites too. Just like Bard, Barbarian, Warlock, Fighter, Ranger…Rogue… I like them all! Ha ha! So, tell me, how much time do you invest in Tabletop Beard each week?

Jason: I would say that I easily spend 15-20 hours every week on this business. Sometimes more.

Balbo: That is a lot of hours. Do you have any time for pen and paper games? 

Jason: Yes, on a casual basis. My brother Shane has spent more time with them than I have, but I have been playing some D&D recently and intend to get my kids into it soon.

Balbo: Have you heard of the Time Mage, Marius Breaux? He visits the tavern from time to time. He was just here yesterday or was it tomorrow? I don’t know, his time makes less sense than mine. Lol. All I know is this. Marius likes to tell tales about magical things called video games. Have you heard of them? Do you enjoy video games? Which ones?

Jason: I’m mostly into RPG video games, and I have played a lot, including the Final Fantasy series, Fallout, World of Warcraft, and my favorite game (not just RPG) of all time, Chrono Trigger.

Balbo: Chrono Tigger sounds like something a Time Mage might enjoy. I’ll ask Marius about it next time I see him.  I should tell you, a favorite pastime in my tavern is board games. In fact, your brother, Shane stayed late the night I spoke with him, and we played a hearty round of Carcassonne. What is your favorite board game, Jason?

Jason: I’d have to say currently that I enjoy the heck out of Ticket to Ride!

Balbo: As you can see, we are in a tavern that serves only the finest spirits and ales. What do you think is the best beverage to drink while gaming?

Jason: If it’s before noon, I’m going with a cup of decaf coffee. If it’s after noon, I am going to have to say water. Second would be sparkling water. I drink plenty of water, Balbo. How else do you think I keep myself looking so young?

Balbo: Yes, I never would have guessed you were the oldest brother, Jason. Do tell…how long have you had a beard?

Jason: I started my beard 15 years ago. You wouldn’t think that by seeing how short I keep it though.

Balbo: Did you enjoy the new Dungeons and Dragons moving pictures show?

Jason: Yes, I felt like the movie was very much made for fans and it was a very fun and unpredictable experience. I really hope they make another.

Balbo: I can see it in your eyes, my friend. You have read many tomes and scrolls. What was the first fantasy novel you read? Do you have a favorite series?

Jason: That’s a hard one, I read a ton of books when I was a kid, and I am hard-pressed to remember which one was the first fantasy novel. I will say though, that I was really into the Redwall series by Brian Jacques. Also, do books from the Choose Your Own Adventure series count? If so, I was all over them as a kid.

Balbo: Magic is a part of our life in this realm. So, I must ask. If you could reset time right now to a different time, what time would you pick?

Jason: It would be the 90s for sure. The 80s was also a magical time for me, but with the 90s you get a ton of awesome technology, cool gaming systems, the clothes were cool, plus anime was really making a big splash here in the US.

Balbo: Lastly, tell me, who would you love to get to promote Tabletop Beard?

Jason: This is a tough one, I’m split between Dave Grohl and Keanu Reeves. But if I had to pick, I’d go with Dave Grohl.

We thank Jason for entertaining us with his music and experiences. Now that I have spoken to two of the three brothers it’s all the more clear why Tabletop Beard makes such amazing products.