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The Rogue Class – Charming Scoundrels

If you are missing your coin purse, jewelry, weapons, or even articles of clothing… please go speak to Mildred, the beautiful barmaid at the corner table there, the one surrounded by all the barking men. Yes, the corner that is lit up bright with three torches and a candelabra full of wax candles. She will help you make a list of everything that was stolen.

Wait, I do not recall you being at the gathering last night, friend. No? You aren’t here to register a complaint? Ho! Ha! Good! My mistake. It has been a long day.

What happened last night, you ask?

Well, let me tell you. I held an impromptu celebration for some of our roguish friends last night. Little did I know, they would use their charm and guile to lure some of the town’s wealthiest men and women into my bar to fleece.

Oh, what a total blunderbust.  No, not a blunderbuss. A blunderbust. You know, friend, a cluster foxtrot. Ah, yes, your smirk shows you know what I mean.

Old Balbo blames himself for this one. Now, I will have to dip deep into my coffers to help pay back many of the town’s fine people until I get my claws into…erm…hands on these scamps.

No. No. No. Put your gold away, unless you plan to use it to buy a meal, sit, and chat with Balbo about the pros and cons of having rogues in your team.

Rogue Weapons and Armor

Obviously, rogues will want to step softly on the ground as they sneak about. Heavy armor would not allow for such silent movement, so their favorite armor to wear is the light stuff—leather and padded armor at best.

As far as weapons and equipment go, a rogue tends to favor blades and bows. Simple weapons such as hand crossbows, longswords, rapiers, and, of course, short swords and daggers for those who wish to dual wield.

Also in their packs are a good set of thieves’ tools. Or several sets. If the rogue is a lucky one, they have an epic Cloaks of Invisibility. Those can be invaluable.

Rogue Races

Some of the best Rogues are halflings, gnomes, and tieflings. To be totally honest, a lightfoot halfling is the best fit for the rogue class. Their racial traits focus on the two most important things for a rogue: dexterity and charisma. Lightfoot halflings come with all sorts of useful tricks at their disposal. That all being said, you can also find elves becoming thieves or assassins.

Oh, I could tell you a story about one elf I knew long ago. She was equally stunning and dangerous…

Yes, where was I?

Ah, humans. Yes, humans, like you, also enjoy taking up the class of rogue. And they do a decent job of it. Humans with a little extra charisma can excel and become a great “face.”

What is a face? Faces are at the front of a team or organization when it comes to socialization. They do all the negotiations, talking, charming, and persuading.

Ha! Yes, old Balbo is a face. But I assure you, friend, I am no rogue. Ha ha!

Archetypes (and Those Famous Rogues You May Know)

The best archetypes we can suggest are arcane trickster, assassin, scout, swashbuckler, and phantom.

Each comes with additions to the class, which are highly beneficial. For example, the arcane trickster uses magical illusions, and the phantom gets helpful insights from the dead. A scout can be a good pick for added movement bonuses on the battlefield, and they excel in nature.

Listing the archetypes makes us think of lots of famous rogues in books, video games, movies, and TV.

When you think of a rogue, who do you think of? Maybe Han Solo?

We do too. But we also think of James Bond and Robin Hood. And that is not all; would you consider Lara Croft from the Tomb Raider series of games a rogue? She fits many of the traits, wouldn’t you say?

Who is your favorite rogue? Let us know!

What Makes a Good Rogue?

Someone who wants to have fun and add a little spice into their role-playing experience. The rogue class is a mixed bag of tricks. Enjoy it.

You can play as an assassin, a con artist, a cat burglar, or more. Whatever tickles your gaming fancy. Rogues are the best class to have around when you need a trap spotted and disarmed, or a lock picked on a treasure chest you worked so hard to earn.

But do not worry, if you are playing a rogue, you will be doing a lot of fighting too. In many RPG games, rogues are one of the main sources of DPS (damage per second). So, keep your daggers at the ready!

We honor Rogues for doing the things we are not able to…or Comfortable With

We love them, regardless of their sometimes-wicked ways. It is hard to fault them for what comes so naturally.

Who here does not have a little rogue in them? No, no, friend, that is not a gnome joke. A gnome joke would be, “What do you call a psychic gnome who has escaped prison? A small medium at large!” HA!

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Don’t slip into the shadows without a bottle of rogue beard oil with you. It may be the right tool for the job.