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Interviews with the Three Brothers: Part Three

Return of the Beards

Hello there, it’s your old friend Balbo Garibaldi with a special treat for those interested in the history of Tabletop Beard. Recently, the three brothers from the deepest desert made a stop in my inn, The Dragon’s Beard, on their way to an event in a neighboring realm.

During their stay, I had a moment to sit and share a drink with each of them. On the last night, I was surprised when the crowd of happy partyers inside my inn abruptly parted and a large man appeared.  

As he approached me, I asked myself, do I owe this burly man money? Have I flirted with his lovely wife? Did I give him the watered down stuff? Oh, for a moment, old Balbo’s heart was in his throat.

Balbo: Ho there, big friend. If it is a free drink you seek, I will gladly reward you with one. But I must say, the celebration for Fighters was weeks ago.

Justin: Balbo, it’s me, Justin!

Balbo: Justin? The middle brother from the deep desert valley?

Justin: Yes. LOL.

Bablo: Ha! What a relief! Sorry for the confusion. Do tell me, what role do you play at Tabletop Beard?

Justin: My primary focus is on finance and compliance. 

Balbo: I see, the brains of the operation. Ha! Well, when Tabletop Beard was forming, what was your best idea, and did it come to fruition?

Justin: The great thing about working with my brothers is the way we share ideas and discuss aspects of our business.  When we have a business discussion, we usually start joking, or talking about stories from when we were growing up, and more ideas come from those types of discussions.  If I had to take credit for one specific idea though, it would be coming up with the name Balbo Garibaldi for our Innkeeper.  

Balbo: Excuse me? Mamma Garibaldi named me. LOL!

Justin: Sure, Balbo. Sure…

Balbo: Well… How much time do you invest in Tabletop Beard each week, Justin?

Justin: 10-15 hours.

Balbo: I must ask, since I know all of you enjoy gaming, what role-playing games have you played?

Justin: I play a lot of card and board games with my family.  We play Cards Against Humanity, Shadows over Camelot, and other party-time games. I’ve recently got into playing DND with my brothers and would like to try out Warhammer and other similar games. Shadows over Camelot is probably my favorite board game right now.

Balbo: Do you enjoy RPG video games? Our Time Mage says they are popular.

Justin: I love RPG video games, but I am usually not very good at them. I love the Zelda series, A Link to the Past is my all-time favorite game. I really enjoy watching RPG games. I used to stay up late watching my older brother, Jason, play games like Secret of Mana, Chrono Trigger, and Final Fantasy VII.

Balbo: Speaking of Tabletop Games. What is your favorite scent at Tabletop Beard, and why?

Justin: Paladin is my favorite scent, it’s one that I can wear daily, and won’t get tired of it. I also like to rotate in our other scents as well. I’ve been wearing Wizard and Cleric more as the weather is changing, and we’re headed into fall. 

Balbo: How long have you had a beard, Justin?

Justin: I’m relatively new to having a beard. I started growing mine in February after agreeing to join my brothers in launching our company. I’ve loved the positive vibes found in the beard community, and it’s been fun to learn about beard care from my more “beard experienced” brothers. 

Balbo: What was the first fantasy novel you read?

Justin: I don’t know if I can remember the first, but I’ve always been a fan of fantasy, sci-fi, and horror books. I read the Redwall series when I was in middle school, that might be the first long series of books, but I love the Lord of the Rings series, I’ve read the Harry Potter series several times, and I’m a big fan of Stephen King, The Dark Tower series is my favorite series of books.

Balbo: As you know, I run this wonderful inn and it is filled with all sorts of great refreshments. What do you think is the best beverage to drink while gaming?

Justin: If I’m gaming in the morning, I drink black coffee. If it’s later in the day/evening, I’ll have a couple of beers.  Usually, an IPA or Pale Ale.

Balbo: Ho! A man after my own heart. Barmaid, another Pale Ale for Justin!

Justin: Thank you, Balbo!

Balbo: If you could reset time right now to a different time, what time would you pick. For example, would you make it the 70s? 80s? 90s? etc. And why?

Justin: I would say the 90s. I’ve got great memories of growing up in the 90s. I think the music, movies, and cartoons that came out of the 90s are awesome. It would be great to relive that time with an older head on my shoulders. 

Balbo: Last question, Justin. Who would you love to get to promote the company?

Justin: I was a big Wrestling fan growing up, it would be awesome to have Macho Man Randy Savage alive today to promote our beard oil.  I’d love to hear him cut a promo about Ranger or Warlock.  LOL!

We thank Justin for being so fun and open with his answers.

That does it, friends. I have spoken to all three of the three brothers now. They are great guys and care about their business.

Is it any surprise that Tabletop Beard is off to such a great start? Just wait, there are more amazing products to come!