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The Barbarian Class – Rage Courses Through Their Veins

Welcome to the festivities! I see you did not forget the day we honor Barbarians here at The Dragon’s Beard… Smart move! Best not to make them cranky, Balbo always says.

Today, we pay our deepest respects to the Barbarian class. They sense danger, get angry, and deal lots and lots of damage and we thank them for it. We try to thank them with free drinks and meals, fresh picked flowers, a goat from the farm…whatever they want.

Barbarians are considered one of the best defending (tank) and/or damage-dealing classes in RPGs. Why? I mean just look at them! Ho! They are fierce!

Barbarian Weapons

Proficient with basic weapons like great axes and hand axes, spears/javelins, swords, and great swords (mauls). They can wear armor but usually only light armor, medium armor or at best half plate. In fact, the barbarian can get an unarmored bonus in some cases.

Barbarian Races

While many races can play as a barbarian, there are ones that are better fit. It also depends on your style of play. You want to be a tank or damage-dealer? That would be the question to ask yourself before you pick a race.

Regardless, here are some of the best races to play as in RPGs: Half-Orc, Orc, Dwarf, and Human.


Barbarian backgrounds often connect with nature and the freedom of living in the open world and not setting down roots.  You will see them listed as hermit, outlander, mercenary, bounty hunter or criminal. But sometimes tribesmen, soldier, and city watch worker just as well.

The common denominator is the barbarian’s life of danger and a deep history of combat and brutal violence.

What Makes a Good Barbarian?

They feel their best when right in the pure chaos of battle. They act as the protector of the people they consider their “tribe.”

Like fighters, their courage, hit points, and resistances make them great tanks, and you can rest assured that they will gladly take the abuse to defend others in their group. 

Every team should have one. They are dependable and easy to play. If the choice comes down to fighter or barbarian…well, we hope you can make a better decision after reading this.

Think about all the role-playing video games and the class options they have given you in the past. How often was barbarian a featured class choice (like in Diablo)? How often have you picked a fighter over a barbarian?

We Bow to Barbarians with a Beard Oil that Matches Their Attitude

Tabletop Beard has found an additional way to honor our barbarian protectors with a beard oil that is soaked in as much blood as they are. Blood orange, that is!

Barbarians may be tough, but this scent is as sweet as juicy oranges with a hint of tartness. With its top notes of blood orange, yuzu, and grapefruit, this scent offers a fresh and zesty burst of energy that will have you feeling ready to take on the world.

Yes, we raise a toast to those Barbarians who would gladly bite the head off a goblin for us. If might and intimidation speak to you, and you are currently trying your best to cage your rage while reading this…you might be a barbarian yourself.