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The Fighter Class – Built for Danger

Welcome to the festivities! `Tis that time of year again where The Dragon’s Beard honors one of the classes that we see here in the realm. Today, we celebrate those who shield us from danger and run toward the very thing the rest of us run away from: Fighters!

Fighters are considered one of the most diverse classes in RPG games. Why? Because you can shape them and their style of play in all sorts of ways.


Ah, yes, fighters do love their weapons. Ha ha! Would you like to wield a massive two-handed battle axe into battle? You can! Do you like to fight in heavy plate armor carrying a sword and shield, go for it! Want to switch between your bow and your sling, then dual wield a pair of silver daggers? You can do that too! Fighters have some of the best options for arms and armor out there.


But that’s not all. Just about anyone who is brave enough can be a fighter. Be it Dwarf, Elf, Halfling, Human, Gnome, Half-Elf, or Half-Orc, or some of the many others. The fighter class does not discriminate.


Fighters have all sorts of backgrounds too. Some were formally trained in the military, others joined groups of rogues or bandits at an early age. Others still have learned how to fight from necessity. Alas, the background can determine the fighter’s personality. One with training from a military academy may be learned, calculating and kindhearted. While a fighter with a background as a mercenary or bandit could be violent and cruel. Another point of versatility in the fighter class is its ability to be any alignment it wants from the good, neutral, or evil groups.

What makes a good fighter?

They are often attracted to adventure. They enjoy the danger associated with a good journey and find the discovery of treasure to be thrilling. Another great aspect of a fighter is their ability to act as a tank. What is a tank, you might ask. Well, a tank is a character that rushes to the front of the fight and holds off the enemies. They soak in and shake off the damage being delivered because of their high hit points, armor, or resistances. They do this fine deed so that the other classes may safely deal harm to the enemy and not be killed in the process. Fighters, and their ability to wear any armor they find, make them perfect for this job in many RPGS from pen and paper Dungeons and Dragons to Massively Multiplayer Online RPG games.

Our Salute to Fighters – A Beard Oil to Match their style

Tabletop Beard has found another way to honor our fighter friends with a beard oil that matches their adaptable prowess. With A delightful blend of smoky oud and metallic steel, this beard oil fragrance is a delicate balance of two opposing elements. Its bold and earthy aroma is alluringly warm, while its crisp and cool notes give an undercurrent of sophistication.

Yes, we raise a toast to those brave warriors who protect us today. Fighters, we thank you!