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The Best Halloween Costumes to Wear with a Beard

Ho there, friends!

Did you not recognize me? Ha! Yes, it’s me, Balbo! Let me take this cap and burdensome robe off. Give me a moment, I truly do not know how wizards wear such heavy robes all day. Two ales in, and I was sweating my—

Pumpkins off the table! They go outside, Midred! Here’s that glass of water you wanted, Balbo.

Thank you, Evelyn. Where was I? Happy Halloween, friend!

Yes, we also like to celebrate All Hallows Eve here in the realm. It is a fun time to dress up, trade goods with your neighbors, and get some compliments on our beard from friends and family.

Ho there, is this your first year Trick ‘r Treating with your beard? Are you telling me your facial hair has never celebrated Halloween with you before? Well then, let ole Balbo give you some great ideas for incorporating your beard on this fun holiday.

Let’s talk about great costumes that feature beards.

Best Halloween Costumes for Men with Beards


Typically, a wizard is someone who is skilled at using magic. The label of wizard seems to be the most common name; however, it can also be used as a broader term that covers similar things like a warlock, sorcerer, magic-user, mage, and/or enchanter.

Wizards are often painted as older men with robes and high-pointed hats. In many cases, these magical men have very long beards.

Think of a wizard, the first one that pops into your head. Did you think of Gandalf or Dumbledore? What do these two spellcasters have in common? Beards!

If you have a long beard, you are halfway done with your costume preparations. All you need is a robe, hat, and wand or magical staff. Yes, you can smoke from a long wooden pipe, too if you are Gandalf. 😊

Planning on being a wizard this Halloween? Cast one last spell before you head out for the night by applying some Tabletop Beard Wizard beard oil or beard butter. It smells like tobacco and spice, just like Gandalf’s pipe!


Yarrrr! Set Sail! There be riches to be had. Haar! Ha! Yes, beard-growers, another great costume idea for your first bearded Halloween, allows you to unleash your inner pirate.

All pirates have beards, right? Well, no. However, some of those most famous ones did. When you think of beard-wearing pirates, you may think of Black Beard or Red Beard or Johnny Depp.

No matter if your beard is short, medium length, or long enough to braid, you can pull off an amazing pirate costume this year. Grab some gear at your favorite online store.

You will need a sash to wrap around your waist, a pirate shirt (often a Renaissance blouse), a black vest, some necklaces with skulls or bones, a headwrap or bandana (head scarf), an eyepatch, and a cutlass sword.

Sounds like a lot, well, just think of the treasures you will discover once you are fully pirated-up. Hoist a mega mug of grog and cheer! Hey, you may even find some booty to plunder.


Speaking of plunder, another great custom to consider is that of a Viking. Ho, those raiders always have the biggest and fullest beards!

You will need lots of clothing and gear to pull this one off, friend. First off, if you have a pirate shirt like the one listed above, you can use that here too. If not, you will need to find yourself a tunic. A blood-stained or ale-stained one will work. Vikings fought a lot, and we highly doubt they cleaned up after each raid of feast. Remember, stains will add to the authenticity of your costume.

Due to the often-frigid climates, Vikings wore fur, so you may be able to finally do something with that fur coat your great-grandmother left you. But that is not all you will need. The local Halloween stores have all the stereotypical Viking stuff: axes, swords, shields, and the classic horned helmets.

Just like when dressing as a pirate, your beard is going to be the center of attention. So, consider styling it and maybe adding in a few runic beads if it is long enough. Vikings and Barbarians have a lot in common, and Tabletop Beard has the best Barbarian-themed beard oil and butter, this side of the great seas.

Drunken Master

Granted not all drunken masters have beards, but some of the best ones can be found in fighting games for retro and modern video game systems. Chin Gentsai, Bo’ Rai Cho, and Wang Jinrei are just a few from the SNK, Mortal Kombat, and the Tekken universes.

Just think of the possibility of dressing as a drunken master on Halloween. You don’t really need to know martial arts. All you need to do is stagger around with a bottle or mug in your hand and nearly, but never really, fall. If you can, tie a string to a prop mug and pretend to drop in, only to swing it around and back into your hand. Remember, drunken masters never spill a drop!

Flirting while pretending to be drunk could turn out to be more fun than flirting while you are really-real-world drunk. You’ll never know until you try.

Now, go snatch an old karate uniform at a local thrift store. Bonus points if you can find a Chinese gourd wine bottle! Once dressed up, style your beard to look as unkempt as possible. The actual opposite of the advice we normally give you here on Balbo’s blog. Regardless, you can use Balbo’s Balm to reach your costuming goals.


The quintessential beard wearer, the lumberjack is the very image of what young people dream of becoming when they grow those first few face whiskers. The lumberjack tackles nature with nothing but their beard and their axe. Wow. They are the coolest.

Getting you and your beard prepared to become a lumberjack this Halloween is simpler than you think. In fact, it may be the easiest of all our suggestions. Just follow these instructions. Button up your favorite buffalo check flannel. Pull on a pair of jeans and strap those suckers in with some suspenders.  Lace up a pair of work boots, then hoist your axe over your shoulder and smile.  And boom goes the Dwarven Engineer’s dynamite!

Lumberjacks have the best beards! Don’t believe ole Balbo, then use your fancy technomancy powers and GOOGLE it. You will find that many of the lumberjack costumes out there come with fake beards, even the ones for women. Ha!

Great news, you will not need a fake beard because you have grown and cared for your own. It is okay to be proud of your beard. So, dressing like a lumberjack for Halloween is a perfect way to unveil it and show it off to all.

Ancient God

Sometimes less is best. If you want to be a god like Zeus, all you need is your well-groomed beard and a toga. OK, this is a simpler costume than the lumberjack one, but it does mean you have to find or create a toga-style dress to wear. And you will need some old-world-looking sandals too.

Do you recall the old saying, beardliness is next to godliness? No? Well, they say it comes from the fact that many ancient gods wore beards. Thor, Poseidon, Hades, Mars…take your pick. Remember, it is not just Roman and Greek Gods who look good wearing beards. Ask yourself, what would Jesus do on Halloween? He might just dress as himself. And you know you have seen some guys dressed as Jesus before in the clubs or at the office work party.

Give your facial hair the care it deserves. With Tabletop Beard’s premium all-natural beard oils, balms, and butters, your beard will shine like it belongs atop Mount Olympus.

A Few Specific Character Costumes to Add…

When thinking of cool people with beards that you can dress up like on Halloween a few names jump to the top of the list. Chuck Norris, Captain Spaulding, Fidel Castro, Rasputin, Santa, Mr. T, Bearded Ladies, ZZ top, John Wick, and Abraham Lincoln (Normal, not the Vampire Hunter version).

Your beard can help you take on any of those roles. It all comes down to length and style. Have a short and tidy beard? Go double denim and you can be Chuck Norris from the massively popular Texas Ranger TV show or the 80s movie Invasion U.S.A. Is your beard a little frizzy? Take the day off from using our beard balm to tame it and let it look as wild as Rasputin, the mad monk! Is your beard full and white? Well, you probably already dress as Santa during Christmas, might as well dress as him on Halloween too!   

Wearing a beard during Halloween opens tons of fun options for you. The list goes on and on. Have fun with it. Enjoy!