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Paladin Class – Kicking Ass for the Lord

Welcome friend! You are a little early, and a bit underdressed for the occasion, I am afraid to say.

Stress not! There is still time to wash up, comb your hair, style your beard, and straighten your…um…clothes.

Why? Ho! You don’t know. Ha! Well, adventurer, today, we honor the highly respectable paladin class.

In order to do so, we all have to have our best, or at least cleanest, attire on. I even asked my best girl, Evelyn, to cover up some. No cups of hers will spill here today! Ha!

No doubt some of my greener barmaids will fall in love, when those heavy-armored champions of good show up for the festivities. Can’t blame the girls, paladins are owners of some of the highest charisma of all the classes and they lay hands like no other! Ha! Ha!

Paladin Weapons and Armor

What armor can these divinely blessed warriors wear? All armor. They can equip any armor and any shield they want. But they normally wear heavy armor such as full plate. Which will likely shine no matter how dirty or covered in gore they get.

It’s truly an odd occurrence. You could say it is a miracle, hmm? Old Balbo has never been sure how they do it, perhaps I will ask one today. Regardless, being wearers of such protective armor, makes paladins sturdy and fairly self-sufficient; excellent for players who are confronting quests solo.

The weapons they can equip are often simple.  They enjoy carrying swords, spears, javelin, maces, and can use two-handed swords and mauls.

Have you ever seen a paladin with a crossbow? Me neither. No matter how charming they are, they still need a good hunter to catch their next meal! Ha!

Paladin Magic

Paladins can cast many spells and are often the choice for lead healer in many groups. Why? Most other magic users have low hit points and very light armor. To coin a phrase we often hear during quests, “they are squishy.” Lol

Paladins, encased in their metal shells, can cast healing spells during the toughest battles and survive them.

Many of the spells you find at a paladin’s disposal are the same as the ones a cleric can cast. The exception is some handy offensive ones.

Not sure which way to lean during character creation? Think about this. Which do you want your paladin to do most?

  1. Heal the wounded
  2. Smite the undead
  3. Protect the innocent
  4. All of the above 

We like to pick D.

Paladin Races

Many people will tell you a Half-elf makes the best paladin. While others will argue that paladins should be made of sturdier stuff, therefore Dwarves and Orcs are best suited.  

Playing the more current rules? Then a Dragonborn or Triton may fit your needs.

A Dragonborn’s resistance is a nice bonus, and they will add strength and charisma to your creation, while Tritons will give you increased strength, constitution, and charisma as well as their natural draw toward the lawful good alignment.


There are many options here for your paladin. We suggest the following to properly balance them.

City Watch is a good option for the increase in athletics and insight.

Far Traveler is also a great choice for insight and perception. Ho! Who can’t use more perception, right?

Lastly, a soldier background is always handy for your fighters, even when they are paladins.

What Makes a Good Paladin?

Someone who likes being the face of the team. They like to be the one other people depend on. They enjoy fighting for truth and justice and freedom.

F’ yeah!

They have a higher calling and are not afraid of commitment or heavy responsibility. Is that you? Not sure? Think of these great paladins (or characters with paladin traits).

Percival from Arthurian Legend is a clear candidate, he sacrificed all for the greater good, spending his life searching for the grail.

Captain America is a great modern-day paladin. He was the face of the team and an owner of great charisma, not to mention he is as lawful good as they come! Want a wild one?

Robo-Cop! Our friend the time mage, Marius Breaux, told me about this one. Robo-Cop is a man who is half machine and has an oath to serve the people, protect them, and uphold the law.

Rick Grimes is a similar example. He was a sheriff and had sworn an oath. He is a heroic leader who tries his best to protect his people in a post-apocalypse world. So, yes, he is fighting the undead too! Paladins love that!

Can you think of any? Let us know!

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Stay safe out there!